Stone Craze or just crazy

I have been teaching Stone Therapy since 2008 in some form or other. I began with Stone Massage and naturally moved into Stone Reflexology and Stone Facial along the way.  Hot Stone massage became very mainstream about 10 years ago and with every new craze, it took on many shapes and forms, from full body 90 minute luxury treatments to add on options for manicures and pedicures.  I remember my first ever stone kit. The heater barely fit in my treatment room. It contained over 80 stones of various shapes and sizes and it cost a small fortune. I loved it though. The stones felt smooth, warm and alive with energy.

Over the years I have studied and integrated new therapies and let go of others, however, I have kept my stones close by and used them alongside my other treatments.  My kits have also evolved, thankfully getting smaller and neater and only require minimal space nowadays.

So what is it about the stones that still afford them a place in my heart … and my Clinic?

When you think of a hot stone treatment, you immediately think of heat and that’s probably the biggest benefit of this therapy. Heat increases the circulation of blood and lymph to the area bringing essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells as well as removing some waste products. Heat is also very comforting and when warmth penetrates through the tissues, it releases any tension in tight tense muscles and relaxation spreads throughout.

With Stone Reflexology, we gain these benefits specifically on the feet and legs, one of the areas that receive the least circulation. Clients with cold feet can benefit from the comfort and application of hot stones. Muscles of the legs have no option but to relax as the warmth floods the tissues. Reflexologists can then adapt the stones to work certain reflexes or reflex areas. Stone Therapy Reflexology is designed to allow you the option of using stones, while also holding firm on the integrity and authenticity of your reflexology treatment. It is not a new way to perform reflexology but importantly a tool which you can mould to suit a specific problem area. Think of a tight tense reflex which might require some heavy thumb work. The heat of the stones can make this area much easier to approach, quickly releasing tension in the tissues and bringing circulation to where it is needed. This offers a way to really enhance a treatment and complement your routine.

If we think of the benefits in terms of the Stone Facial (another extremity), warm stones increase circulation to the dermis, once again bringing nutrients and oxygen and providing a glow to the skin. Tense muscles in the face and head are softened and somehow, overactive minds calm down.  I have seen this time and time again with my clients.

The stones themselves are beautiful smooth basalt stones. They originate from volcanic rock or lava and they have the ability to stay hot for anything from 5-10 minutes but this greatly depends on the size of stone and funnily enough, the client who is receiving the heat. They are sanitised before every client, heated in a stone heater and are safely applied to the body at the correct temperature.

When I began working with basalt stones, I found them slightly disruptive to the flow of my treatment, but I have now honed my skills and adjusted the process so that interruption is at an all-time low.

At this point, I’ve not yet mentioned cold stones. We do incorporate Cold Stones into all stone therapy treatments and they too have their benefits and can feel amazing when used at the right time for the right reasons. Application is tailored to the client and they provide the necessary balance needed, a yin to the yang.

Apart from the client benefits, what can Therapists expect ?

Therapists can add this feature to their treatment menu at a relatively low cost. The Training cost is €150 and the kits themselves cost anything from €100 – €200 depending on the size you want. I use a lot less stones now than I did in the early days. During the training, we use approximately 20 stones. You then decide if you want to stick with that or reduce them.

The training incorporates a full treatment and access to Video afterwards for practice and refining your skills. I absolutely love sharing these teachings with therapists. The stones are amazing and the routines are relaxing and grounding.

Full course details at

Upcoming Workshops : Kildare

Saturday 19thOctober – Stone Facial

Saturday 02ndNovember – Stone Reflexology

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