The Magic behind Reflexology (Part 1)

I arrived at the Reflexology NI Conference firmly planted in my comfy shoes and left 2 days later walking on air and humming with good vibes ..

Last weekend saw a boom of energy hit Portrush as Reflexologists from far and wide and ten amazing speakers gathered for the Reflexology NI Conference at the Magherabuoy House Hotel.  The idea was conceived 18 months ago (over a few G&T’s) when Dorothy Kelly, Andrea Clarke and RoseAnna Gallop contemplated bringing some Reflexology Leaders to Northern Ireland for the first EVER ReflexologyNI Conference. After a long gestation and intense labour, we all got to share in the magical birth of an Inspiring 2 Day Event … and … wet the babies head with a few more G&T’s.

I feel so blessed to have been in attendance and wanted to share with you some of what inspired me over the 2 days. It may take a few posts to get through everything.

Saturday started with a very enthusiastic shake up from Nuala McKeever who took to stage and shared some laughter yoga with us. Yep – straight out of our comfort zone and my comfortable shoes, but huge fun as our blood moved a little quicker and our energy a little higher.

Ziggie Bergman followed with her presentation on how she developed her own modern method of Facial Reflexology. Ziggie and many other speakers over the weekend, spoke openly about their challenges when they hear the word ‘No’. Often this rejection or restriction is just what we need to push ourselves forward, hone our creations and become true innovators. This really got me thinking about where in my life I was experiencing that ‘No’. I realised a little later on, my No was coming from inside me – tied up in a few limiting beliefs and old thought patterns. Luckily for me, the tools for disentanglement were coming up in the following days.

Louise Brogan also gave a very inspiring presentation on Social Media Strategy. ‘Hands up who has a Social Media strategy’, she asked? I thought I did until I heard her talk about what posts go where. What you post to Facebook is not necessarily what you post on Instagram. She got us all to look within and decide who are we trying to reach with our posts, what are we trying to say, why are we posting and when. Louise is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan so she managed to drive her message home by comparing Social Media Strategy to a Bruce concert. Now that’s a lesson I will remember. Louise also has a podcast called the Social Bee Podcast.

While I’m on the topic of Social Media, I will mention Lily Murdock who handled all of the Social Media Marketing for the Conference. Lily has developed a manual for those who need a little help identifying their Social Media message. Her Facebook Group is called Lily Francesca Social Media I bought Lily’s manual earlier in the year and there are some really good practical exercises in there and some great advice.

One last feature today is Susan Quayle’s, The Children’s Reflexology Programme. Susan’s time on stage was a little different and took the form of a conversation with Andrea (interviewer) and the audience. It was a lovely interactive experience for us all.

Susan has developed a programme which is so far reaching, it starts to blow your mind just thinking about it. She runs training which basically teaches you to teach Childrens reflexology to parents and carers. She has created some beautifully illustrated children’s books to accompany the learning about Mouse and his Friends. Each of the animals in the story represents a different reflex on the foot and as the story progresses, the child gets a gentle reflexology treatment. Can you think of anything more adorable ?

As the children get a little older they can read the stories to each other and give themselves a reflexology treatment. Susan is passionate about working with Children and spreading the message of reflexology to our next generation. You can find out more at

I don’t know about you but it makes me feel wonderful, knowing that we have educators like these at the forefront of our industry, leading us with compassion and a deep love for Reflexology.

I will continue this post in sections over the next few days as I group the other speakers and lessons learned into the following :

  • Reproductive Health
  • Foot Reading
  • Self Care
  • Know your Products

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed reading, be sure to check out the Links posted and be well and happy, Mi 🌸

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