Soul Care is Self Care

I have automatically created the intention of Simplicity for 2020. It started with a New Year, New Wardrobe project, which quickly launched me into a ‘clearing out’ vibe.  Having recycled way too many bags of clothes and linens, I moved on to the Office. This led to hours and hours of scanning and shredding and ended in a firm commitment to a paper free environment. My home has reaped the benefits and it has also given some clarity to my mind and emotions. Who thought clearing out could be so therapeutic. I am infused with a ‘Keep it Clear and Keep it Simple’ Vibe and I have to say it feels good. 

Taking this approach to selfcare is something I wanted to explore. Most of the wonderful clients that visit me at Clinic One Eleven will end up thinking about selfcare in some form or another. Clients visit for many reasons ranging from physical health concerns to more mental and emotional health care. No matter what the presenting condition, there is almost always an underlying stress issue in some form or other.  Having the space of the consultation or treatment allows the client to discover what this issue is and then we look at some sort of resolution, which in a lot of cases ends up to be … yes you guessed it … selfcare. 

Sometimes we hear this advice from loved ones as we cry, moan, blame, sniffle, feeling overwhelmed by life. They gently offer comfort and say, you need to look after yourself more.

So what is selfcare and why do we need it? 

In its most basic form, selfcare is Caring for ourselves. I want to say, this doesn’t just mean our basic needs, it demands a bit more than that. However, If we look at basic needs, being fed, watered and rested, there are days when some of us can’t even manage that. We eat on the go, skip meals, don’t drink enough water and fail to get enough sleep. So for some of us, Self Care will start with making sure our basic needs are met. 

Then I like to consider what I call Soul Care. This ventures more into the emotional and mental realm and looks at activities or absence of activities that feed our soul. What can we do on a day to day basis that makes our soul happy.  Let me pose a few questions : 

  • What things are you doing to make you ‘FEEL’ good ? 
  • Are you being Kind to yourself ?
  • What is your self talk like? Do you overly criticise yourself ? 
  • Are you exercising or moving and feeling good about it ? 
  • Are you giving your mind time to slow down and relax?
  • Are you switching off from the bombardment of news stories and social media every now and again? 
  • Are you feeding your mind with positivity and inspiration? 
  • Are you embracing your creativity? 

Finding actions to the above questions can give us some idea of where we can explore more self/soul care. I can hear and feel the resistance rising already. I’m too busy. I don’t have 5 mins to myself at the moment, how am I ever going to accomplish this? The thoughts of it are too stressful. This feels selfish when so many others need my attention. This would be lovely in an ideal world. 

Well, let’s just break it down a little and maybe start with 5 mins. Sitting quietly for 5 mins and contemplating soul care is an act of selfcare. Reading this article and contemplating soul care is an act of selfcare. The main thing to remember is to not stop there. Tomorrow look for 6 mins. In ten days you will be doing 15 mins per day.  Why not get the calendar out now and put some time in there to spend with your lovely self. Treat it like a meeting with your favourite person. Actually why not just BE your favourite person?

When we consistently invest in Soul Care, it takes the edge of the stress. It stops it building up to a point where we feel overwhelmed. And ….. it feeds our lovely soul with happy soulful experiences. Maybe it’s worth doing a Soul Care stock take and see what needs to be replenished ? 

And remember …. Keep it Simple ! 

Have a great day all

Until next time, Be well



2 Comments on “Soul Care is Self Care

  1. Very good in process of doing something similar myself M. between interruptions
    Recycling clothes.. Books.. Etc etc.. never ending..


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