Mango & Lime Lip Balm

Although my treatment room is closed to visitors, I’ve been keeping in contact with my clients over the last few weeks and some have said that their lips are extremely dry. Say no more, I’m off to make a balm 😂

I’ve been popping these lip balms into all orders this week and while I’m sharing some formulations, I thought I would share this with you too. Its Super Easy and great to make with the kids too.

Mango Butter (Substitute for Shea if you need to) 9%
Avacado Oil (or Any carrier oil you choose) 50%
Sweet Almond (Or any carrier oil you choose) 30%
Beeswax 9%
Vitamin E0.5%
Lime Essential Oil (Distilled) If you decide not to add essential oils, add the 1.5% to the carrier oil portion1.5%
  • Clean your space. If you are working in your kitchen, remove any food items and wipe down counter tops. Keep the area free from young children and pets if possible. 
  • Place the Beeswax, Sweet Almond Oil and Mango Butter in a Glass Jug or Bowl in a Baine Marie 
  • Heat gradually until melted.  Not too hot. Make sure you don’t have the water bubbling in the pot. Make sure no steam or water enters the mixture. 
  • Layout your Lipbalm cases so they are ready for filling
  • Use small jars if you need to
  • When beeswax and butter has melted, Add Avocado Oil and Vitamin E – Stir Well until cloudiness disappears
  • Remove from the Heat and add Essential Oil – Stir Well
  • Pour the contents into your waiting containers
  • Leave the Lids off until cooled
  • Allow to cool at Room Temperature
  • Gradual cooling will ensure there are no cracks in the top of your Balm
  • Label each container
  • Store well (out of direct sunshine or heat)
  • Apply to lips as needed💋

This balm is really soft and moisturising to the lips. If you decide to swap the Mango for Shea butter, the aroma will be slightly different so play around with a few blends and see what works. Remember Know your oils. Know their effects on the skin, their contraindications, their cautions and make sure you like the aroma.

And ……. have lots of fun

Stay Safe !




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