New Moon RItual

“Only in the darkness of an ending does the New Moon rise” (Unknown) 

If you received my Clinic Newsletter last week, you will know that the theme this month is Embracing the concept of tuning in. One of the many ways this takes place for me is with a NEW MOON RITUAL. In ancient times, when we lived more in harmony with Mother Earth, we took time to worship the moon and honour her influence over the planet, plants, animals and humans.  In our modern world, this sacred ritual gives us the opportunity to get quiet, free ourselves from distractions and turn inwards to set our intentions for the next cycle. This is a time of rest and reflection. Its a blank canvas. A fresh start. So put some time today and let me know how you get on. 

Feel free to make any changes you feel suit you. It’s not what you do with the time, more that you set the time aside in the first place.

– Clear your space, open the windows and allow some fresh air in.
– Make yourself a cuppa Have your journal or some nice paper and a pen ready. 
– Bring in some crystals or flowers from the garden. 
– Play your favourite calming music 
– Light a candle
– Bring your awareness into your breath
– Close your eyes 
– Call your energy back from all the activities of the day, interactions with people and places and things. Visualise your energy coming back to you like whisps of golden light and settling into your centre.
– Call upon support from your Spiritual Tribe (you know who that is for you) 
– Allow your body to become more relaxed with each breath 
– Allow the music to soothe and calm your mind
– If the mind starts to wander and struggle, just return your awareness to the rise and fall of your chest. 
– When you feel ready, open your eyes, focus on the candle for a few moments pick up your pen and write ….. without judgement …. without striving … Focus on things like … What areas of your life need some new fresh energy? What activities, feelings, thoughts are no longer helpful to you? What is holding you back ? What would you like to bring into your life? What seeds would you like to plant?
– There is no right or wrong way to do this. You might write sentences, you might bullet point, you might doodle or draw or make dots on a page. 
– Finish your writing with a solid Intention. I intend to …. 
– Set down the pen, Close your eyes again and imagine for a few minutes what it would feel like if this intention was present in your life right now. 
– Blow out the candle and send this light out into the world to those that might need it. 
– If you can, Leave your journal and your space set up for the next few hours or day or two. Come back and add or tweak your intention or write more.

Over the months you will really start to refine your intentions. Everything we need is inside … if we just take time to Tune in.   In’Joy !! 

Image Carli-jeen

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