Foot care

During World Reflexology week we are talking all things feet and reflexes. The organs and systems of the body are mapped out on to both feet, both hands and the face & head. Foot reflexology is still the most common way to receive a treatment.  The one thing I hear from new clients all the time is … ‘Oh don’t mind the state of my feet…’ and when they are leaving the awareness has completely changed to ‘my feet feel wonderful. They haven’t had so much attention and care in so long’.  

We seem to know deep down that we ignore our feet when it comes to looking after ourselves. The feet absorb so much of the weight from our body and then carry us through our day, bringing us here and there and we barely give them a second thought. Us Reflexologists, will apply pressure and movements to the reflexes of the feet with the aim of bringing balance back to the body.  How this actually occurs will be addressed in the next post but for today I wanted to start with something more important, Caring for our Feet.  

Have a look through the list and see where you can give your feet that extra bit of care and love that they deserve … 
👣 Foot hygiene – In the same way we look after the skin on our face and body, the feet enjoy the same commitment to cleansing, exfoliation and moisturising. Always remember to dry your feet completely. 
👣 Treat yourself to a foot bath with some bath oils or salts. 
👣 For dry feet, apply a nourishing balm or foot cream to the feet at night before bed. Pop on a light pair of socks to stop your feet slipping on the floor if you need to get up in the middle of the night.  Use a nice natural product with ingredients that the body recognises and not something that will block the pores in the feet. 
👣 When you are trimming your toe nails, remember to cut straight across 
👣 Allow space in the day to kick off the shoes and socks and let some air circulate around the feet.  
👣 Put your feet up occasionally to give them a rest. 
👣 Wear socks and shoes that support your feet. Footwear can affect our posture and impact where on the foot we are weight bearing. 
👣 If you have diabetes, foot care is extra important. Follow the link here for some specific advice from the HSE in relation to your risk level. care information leaflets.html
👣 And finally show those feet some love. Stop the negative talk. If you feel that they are ‘in a state’, give them more of your attention. Care for them as you would any other part of your beautiful self.   

Photo by Guillaume LORAIN on Unsplash

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