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Gift Voucher Guide

A lot of us have experienced unusual periods of stress and anxiety in the last 18+ months. Times are strange and we are all still coming to terms with everything. Maybe this is the year that you would like to give the gift of… Continue Reading “Gift Voucher Guide”

A Healthy Boost

It’s getting colder, the sniffles are back and our immune systems need some loving attention. From stress to sleep and everything in between, we look at ideas that have a positive impact on our health.

Foot care

During World Reflexology week we are talking all things feet and reflexes. The organs and systems of the body are mapped out on to both feet, both hands and the face & head. Foot reflexology is still the most common way to receive a… Continue Reading “Foot care”

New Moon RItual

“Only in the darkness of an ending does the New Moon rise” (Unknown)  If you received my Clinic Newsletter last week, you will know that the theme this month is Embracing the concept of tuning in. One of the many ways this takes place… Continue Reading “New Moon RItual”

Carrier, Fixed, Vegetable Oils

I first studied Aromatherapy back in the early 90’s and it was all centred around Essential oils, their beautiful aromas and therapeutic uses. When I formally qualified as an Aromatherapist in 2002, I started to realise that the carriers we were using were equally… Continue Reading “Carrier, Fixed, Vegetable Oils”

Mango & Lime Lip Balm

Although my treatment room is closed to visitors, I’ve been keeping in contact with my clients over the last few weeks and some have said that their lips are extremely dry. Say no more, I’m off to make a balm 😂 I’ve been popping… Continue Reading “Mango & Lime Lip Balm”

nourishing face Balm

If you know anything about me, you know that I love a good Balm. They are usually multifunctional and depending on the blend, have the ability to soothe, nourish and boost the skin. I have been making this particular face balm for the last… Continue Reading “nourishing face Balm”

Mango Whip

Butters can be so hydrating and nourishing but in their raw state, they require some effort to rub them into the skin. By whipping a butter we introduce some air and some fixed oils and make it lighter, fluffier and easier to use. This… Continue Reading “Mango Whip”


I’m buzzing through this week, filled with inspiration, magical, belly fizzing, can’t sit still inspiration. Do you know the type? It’s such a great feeling. I want to hold on to it forever. I know the pattern by now and like most other things,… Continue Reading “Inspiration”

Soul Care is Self Care

I have automatically created the intention of Simplicity for 2020. It started with a New Year, New Wardrobe project, which quickly launched me into a ‘clearing out’ vibe.  Having recycled way too many bags of clothes and linens, I moved on to the Office. This… Continue Reading “Soul Care is Self Care”