Working as a Complementary Therapist has many benefits. We all cherish that lovely warm feeling as we realise that we absolutely love what we do.  We feel lucky to have a job we look forward to and possibly we have the flexibility to work around our family commitments. But like everything else in life, there can be some challenges to working on our own. Not only do we look after our clients, we also need to market our services, keep contact with clients and potential clients on social media, submit our accounts on time and try to keep on top of our health, so we can multitask with a smile 🙂
But what happens when it all becomes too much? What happens when our personal lives demand more of us and we become overwhelmed?  What happens when our motivation takes a holiday?  Or we realise we need to change?
If we take time to step aside and take a wider view of our business , Only then can we see a clear path ahead.


In this workshop, we give ourselves the time to learn some techniques that will become part of our day to day activities. Skills for personal and business use. Before we become overwhelmed. Before we come to a complete stop.  The focus of the course will look at the many areas we may like to change. It could be a physical change or a more subtle energetic change.  Maybe we are finding it hard to get going? Maybe we need to change our minds about a few things? Who knows? Well … we do! When we carve out the space to tune in to ourselves, we know exactly what we need to do. The problem most of us have is that we put our ‘Tune-in Time’ on the To-Do list and it becomes lost.

If you feel guided to kickstart your year and give yourself the space to contemplate where you would like to take your business in 2018, this workshop promises to be a fun, informative, motivating few hours.

Pre-requisites :
This course is suitable for Complementary / Holistic / Energy Therapists, who would like to take some time out, find a productive way of working, develop some skills and routines to keep motivation high and set and achieve realistic goals.

Course Content:

  • A journey through the energy centres
  • Gaining clarity in our Therapist Role – who am I and what is my soul purpose
  • Creative goal setting
  • Setting healthy boundaries – Time Management – Be proactive rather than reactive
  • Work / Life Balance / Personal routines – Self Care
  • Expressing our True message
  • Tuning in and driving our business forward
  • Monitoring progress and redirecting focus when needed
  • Painting the Big Picture
  • Meditation
  • Journalling
  • Networking

Many thanks for your interest in the Time Out Therapists Workshop. If you feel guided to take part in this day, I am delighted to let you know that on completion of Payment below, your place will be reserved. Cost is €50 per person. If you wish to come along with a friend, you can both attend for €80 (€40 each)

We start at 10am and finish at 1pm.

The Centre is well serviced by buses and has plenty of parking in the vicinity. Full directions will be emailed to you on completion of booking. You will need to bring a notebook (preferably a new one) and pen with you.

Payment for the course can be made by clicking on the Payment option below.

Therapist Workshop

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Therapist Workshop

Bring a friend - both attend for €80


Once the payment has been made, I will email you directions to the centre and other useful information for your upcoming training.

I look forward to meeting you soon and sharing a lovely morning of gentle learning. In the meantime, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Email me at or call me on 086 8185609

Warm Regards
Michelle   🙂


Date:     Saturday 15th September 2018.

Venue:  Naas Holistic Centre, ‘The Studio’ Unit 7, Moat Mall, Naas, Co Kildare

COST :  €50