Herbal Medicine

‘The art of herbal medicine is based on an amalgam of ancient tradition, clinical experience and modern scientific research’. Irish Register of Herbalists.

Herbal Medicine: This oldest system of Medicine has communicated its wisdom from ancient cultures into our current times and remains a valuable system of healing while supporting our health and well-being goals.

Plants contain phytochemicals which have very specific actions on the systems of the body. Drawing on Western Herbal Tradition, Ayurvedic teachings, Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy, current evidence based clinical research and specialized herbals, a Herbalist will use plants in many forms to bring the body back to health, treat specific health complaints and prevent symptoms from reappearing. Herbs will be prepared and dispensed in the form of Tinctures, Teas, Powders, Capsules, Creams, Salves, Poultices, Syrups and Infused oils.

Aromatherapy is the systematic use of essential oils and hydrosols which are extracted from the plants via a method called distillation. These oils contain their own unique set of chemical constituents which have a wide variety therapeutic effects to treat body, mind and spirit. The aromas and characteristics of the oils will be tailored to suit your specific concerns and will be administered to the body via inhalation or by application to the skin.

Whether treating a specific health issue, promoting a feeling of well-being or preventing disease, Herbal Medicine & Aromatherapy really come into their own. The ancient foundation combined with the current scientific understanding of plant medicine makes them a truly holistic duo in the treatment of a wide variety of health concerns.

What happens during a Consultation :

You will be invited into a thorough Consultation which lasts approx 60 minutes and includes:

  • An in-depth look into all the systems of the body
  • Review of your current medication and medical history
  • Discussion on your current health concerns
  • Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis may be necessary
  • Your Blood Pressure may be taken
  • Herbal & Naturopathic Treatment plan will be discussed
  • Unique Herbal Formula will be made, based on the treatment plan
  • Aromatherapy prescription may be prepared if needed
  • Nutritional Advice / Supplements if needed

The Herbal Formula

A herbal remedy will consist of 3, 5 or 7 herbs.  The ratio and choice of herbs will depend on your current health concerns, your unique constitution, the agreed treatment plan and the underlying imbalances in the body’s systems. You will take your remedy as prescribed for an agreed period, normally 3-4 weeks.

Your formula will work on reducing your symptoms while treating the underlying cause of your health concerns. The overall aim is to enhance your vitality and bring your body back into balance. This can be achieved by taking a holistic view of your well-being, bringing support to your mental and emotional health as well as the spiritual aspect, to rebalance your whole being. Aromatherapy support may also be included if required.

Your Herbal formula and Aromatherapy blend, just like you, is a unique creation which will support you on all levels.

The Follow up Consultation 

Your follow up consultation will take place 3 – 4 weeks after your first visit.  This visit will last approx between 20-40 minutes depending on your case and includes :

  • Review of the past 3-4 weeks
  • Discussion on improvements in symptoms and any changes in the health concern
  • Follow Up Herbal & Naturopathic Treatment plan will be discussed
  • Unique Herbal Formula will be made, based on the treatment plan
  • Nutritional Advice / Supplements if needed

Please note that all herbal consultations are currently being carried out via Phone or Zoom. If you would like a face to face consultation or a time outside of the calendar availability, please send me an email or text and I will arrange a time with you. Visits will depend on current Covid Restrictions and concerns at the time of booking.

Price List 

Initial Consultation (In person / Phone / Zoom) 

60 minutes €65

Follow Up Consultation (In person / Phone / Zoom) 

20-40 mins€20-€40
Herbal Formula300ml €35
Herbal Formula200ml€25
Herbal Formula100ml€15
Herbal Tea50g€5
Herbal Salve / Balm / Oil Blend 30g€12
Herbal Salve / Balm / Oil Blend 60g€20
Aromastick – Blended€4

“I went to see Michelle for a herbal consultation to see if I could bring balance to my body’s systems. The consultation was incredibly thorough, informative and extremely reassuring having already explored several other avenues. Michelle has an exceptional wealth of knowledge and intuition. Taking my herbs and following her wonderful advice has changed my health and my life dramatically, the herbs make me feel amazing.” Sorcha (Dublin) 

“I had 6 Reflexology sessions with Michelle throughout my pregnancy and found them wonderful.  Michelle has a really warm and welcoming practice. I would feel both relaxed and energised after each visit and I found myself counting the days till my next session. As well as the physical benefits, my mind and emotions were much calmer.  After my pregnancy I had a Herbal consultation and Michelle prescribed a formula to help with hormone balancing and new mammy stress. I have been taking this for the last 6 weeks and I’m feeling back on track again. Hubby and Baby are reaping the benefits too ;)”                  Lynda (Meath)

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