Facial Treatments

Balancing Holistic (organic) Facial using NYR Products

NYR Organic products are designed to enhance your beauty by enhancing your health from the inside with natural remedies and from the outside with effective organic skin care formulations and pure essential oils.

NYR Organic believe in total well-being as well as safe skin care. Their products contain none of the following chemicals nasties: No parabens, No synthetic fragrances, No GMO ingredients, No silicones, No Phthalates, No mineral oils, No EDTA, No propylene glycol, No carbomer, No DEA, No acrylates and No BHT.

This treatment aims to hydrate your skin while normalising oily secretions. Your skin will benefit from the wonderful therapeutic action of Chamomile, Frankincense, Rose and Orange Flower through a holistic routine of:-

  • Cleanse & Tone
  • Exfoliate
  • Soothing Massage for Face, Neck and Shoulders
  • Mask
  • Serum and Moisturise

Choosing the perfect blend of essential oils and plant extracts as well as the perfect skincare products for your skin type, make this treatment the ultimate stress reliever as the Aromas work on balancing the Body Mind and Spirit. For All Skin Types.

60mins – €65

Skin Booster Facial

Is your skin in need of a boost of hydration ? This holistic facial is designed to replenish your skin’s oil balance and strengthen the protective barrier so that moisture is naturally retained. We use a combination of products derived from oils and herbs which contain natural active ingredients like frankincense and neroli to really nourish the deeper layers of the skin and protect the elasticity and integrity of the skin.
This is the perfect Winter Boost.

60mins – €65

Hot Stone Facial

This is a wonderfully nurturing treatment using a combination of basalt stones and crystals with massage techniques to destress and rejuvenate the skin of the face and neck.

During the treatment, warm stones will be placed on and around the body for relaxation. We begin with a cleansing of the skin, followed by a Hot (and sometimes cold) stone massage of the Face, Neck, Head and Scalp tailored for each client. We finish with a hydrating Mask to nourish, moisturise and boost the skin.

The Stones are very grounding. Tired, sore & aching muscles are relaxed & tensions held at the deepest level are released. Circulation to the skin is increased, bringing about a nice healthy glow.

Session Time -1 hour – €70

Aromatherapy Facial

So How does this differ from a normal facial?

Well I will perform a Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask and Moisturising treatment as many facials do, but here’s the really cool part … each product will be formulated on the day to suit the needs of the client. Products so unique, they can only be only used by you. I will blend for your skin type, your mood, any other physical symptoms or problem areas and since you choose the Aromas you like, you are bound to love them.

I have lots of oils to choose from, not just essential oils but fixed oils from nuts and seeds, aromatic waters and occasionally I use clays, oats, herbal teas and fresh herbs for a completely natural treatment.

  • I cleanse the skin with soap free Cleanser
  • I exfoliate with Natural exfoliants
  • The Mask is packed with hydrating nutritious ingredients
  • I will complete a soothing massage for face, neck and shoulders
  • The Moisturising treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth and silky soft

Throughout the facial, your uniquely chosen essential oils will enliven your senses and leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

Having completed a Diploma course in Aromatherapy many years ago, I have covered many hours learning what happens in the body. Anatomy & Physiology has become a hobby, not just human anatomy but plant structures too.  I have learned how to respect and honour Mother Natures gifts to us. I know about the safety issues around Essential oils, how they act in the body and I blend according to strict safety standards set out in my qualification.

As a Naturopath and Herbalist, I look deeper than any presenting skin complaints and view Skin management from the inside out. For all Skin Types

Session Time: 60mins –  €70

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