Combination Therapy

One Hour Relaxation Combo

Do you need some balance back into your life? Invite the body and mind to relax for an hour of blissful peace.
Carve out some me time and choose 2 of the following treatments.

Reflexology 30min
Holistic Facial 30min
Back Neck and Shoulder Massage 30min
Indian Head Massage 30 min
Energy Healing 30min


1 hour session    €65

Beauty Sleep Evening Ritual

If good quality sleep is an issue for you, then you’ll love this new evening treatment. I have combined my therapies to bring you a good hour of Pure Relaxation, the Ultimate Down time.

A MASSAGE of the Back Neck and Shoulders, using the wisdom of Aromatherapy will trigger the relaxation response as well as reduce any muscular aches and pains.

The Beautiful NYR Organic Beauty Sleep Body Lotion will then be applied to prepare the skin for a great nights sleep and aromatically calm the mind and prepare you for dreamland.

A mini FACIAL (with exfoliation and Beauty Sleep concentrate serum) will aid the skins nighttime renewal and rejuvenation. The treatment will finish with a chakra balance via REFLEX POINTS on the feet or hands leaving you feeling pampered from Head to Toe.

My 7-7:30pm time slot is reserved for this treatment so you can float home and greet the sand man with silky smooth skin and a calm and nurtured mind….. then ….

Wake Up Feeling Fabulous !!

1 hour session    €65

De-stress & Hydrate Facial with Indian Head Massage

This treatment aims to hydrate your skin while normalising oily secretions. Your skin will benefit from the wonderful therapeutic action of Chamomile, Frankincense, Neroli and Patchouli through a holistic routine of:-

  • Cleanse & Tone
  • Exfoliate
  • Soothing Massage for Face, Neck and Shoulders
  • Mask
  • Serum and Moisturise

Choosing the perfect blend of essential oils and plant extracts as well as the perfect skincare products for your skin type, make this treatment the ultimate stress reliever as the Aromas work on balancing the Body Mind and Spirit. For All Skin Types. Treatment also includes an Indian Head Massage to really deepen your experience and relieve tension from busy minds.

1 hour session    €65

90 min Deep Rest Treatment

Combine all your favourite therapies with Hot Basalt Stones to experience one session of pure relaxation. The complete deluxe head to toe package. Begin with a destress BACK NECK AND SHOULDER MASSAGE. Hot Stones will ensure an easing of muscle tightness and fatigue.

The Skin is then treated with a deeply calming HOLISTIC FACIAL using the power of herbs and oils to hydrate and nourish the skin of the face and neck.

Complete the treatment with a grounding HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY, taking you out of your busy mind and bringing balance on all levels.

90mins    €95

Aromatherapy & Reflexology

Combine Reflexology with Aromatherapy for the ultimate in Relaxation. After a full foot reading, a unique aromatherapy blend will be made and used for your reflexology treatment. Absorb the healing properties of essential oils while all the bodies systems start to balance with Reflexology.

You will also get to take away this blend and complete some reflexology techniques at home in the following days to really enhance the effects.

This treatment is perfect if you love aromatherapy and would like to know more about using essential oils in your overall health and wellbeing.

90mins – €95

“As a practitioner, Michelle’s initial assessment was very different to most.  There was no rush, no strict adherence to time but instead Michelle wanted to know about my life/personality and she is so easy to talk to. Although very professional, she is also warm, kind and an empathetic listener. I undertook a course of reflexology and I can honestly say that I had one of the best night’s sleep after the first session. It was thoroughly relaxing and as Michelle thoroughly enjoys her work, the whole experience is very rewarding as a result.  It is also one of the best value treatments I have come across.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Michelle”. Susan 

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